From Fundraising to Life-saving: ReachAnother’s Annual Lifecycle

The cycle of our year is finely tuned around making the Team Ethiopia missions as impactful as possible. The visit includes collaboration with neurosurgeons, interviewing patients, making home visits, conducting audits, and meeting with our Centers of Excellence partners. Our visits include coordinated activities with Health Bureaus, the Federal Ministry of Health, partner NGO’s, embassies and other organizations. We also give lectures, conduct trainings, execute program design, and provide equipment and supplies.

We are a catalyst for transformation

We are now seeking to expand out life-saving work to save thousands more children by training more neurosurgeons and establishing more Centers of Excellence to give those children the lives they deserve. Your support is critical to that mission.

“I believe I was the first rheumatologist that this country of 90 million people had ever seen. The experience was mesmerizing, addicting and fulfilling all at once. A voice from deep within grows and you begin to say out loud: ‘This is what my 30 years of medical experience was meant for.”
Gil Gelfand

Rheumatologist & Volunteer — Los Angeles, California