Monica O’Neill

Board Member

After living in London for 15 years, Monica O’Neill came back to Washington DC in 2016 and founded ENSO Advisors LLC, a comprehensive equity capital, marketing and product development consultancy. Leveraging over 30 years’ experience in equity capital fundraising, global marketing and market entry, risk management, ESG and compliance, Monica specializes in advising emerging managers in the alternatives space and social impact companies and funds. Monica first heard about ReachAnother from Patricia and Dick when they visited London in 2014, but was only able to fully engage since moving back in the States. As many know, once Dick has your attention he doesn’t let go until you commit!. So she joined the board in 2016 and experienced her first mission to Ethiopia in 2017. On that first mission, she observed several SBH operations up close – at the operating table close! “One memorable operation was on a 9-day old baby. He had a spina bifida bump but was so strong, so full of will, that little baby had more life force in him than I ever seen any place else. I thought to myself, this kid certainly deserves the best chance we can give him.” His surgery went well and he was recovering nicely when we left Addis. Monica serves on a number of corporate and not-for-profit boards, but will always make time for the kids of ReachAnother.

“I will never forget that little baby and feel blessed to have witnessed first-hand what is achieved every day by the surgeons and teams supported by ReachAnother.”