Jeff Witt

Board Member

Jeff Witt is a seasoned financial executive with a 25-year career marked by a steadfast commitment to financial management and economic analysis. Jeff, holding prestigious designations like CFA, CFP®, and CIPM, is a recognized leader in the financial industry.

Beyond his professional achievements, Jeff actively engages in non-profit endeavors. Currently, he not only serves on the Board of Directors for ReachAnother Foundation but also holds a position at The Foundation for the Children of the Californias. Jeff’s past roles include serving on the boards of CFA Society San Diego and the San Diego Natural History Museum, as well as contributing to the UCSD Economic Roundtable.

Jeff’s journey with ReachAnother began in 2021 when he had the privilege of meeting ReachAnother founder Dick Koning. Their conversation revealed a connection through Jeff’s Ethiopian son, sparking Jeff’s deep interest in contributing to ReachAnother’s mission. Today, as ReachAnother’s newest board member, Jeff brings not just financial expertise but a genuine passion for making a meaningful impact.