Training & Education

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CAPACITY BUILDING - RAF is helping train the first generations of Ethiopian neurosurgeons

When ReachAnother Foundation first became involved with Ethiopia’s healthcare system in 2009, there was only one neurosurgeon to serve the country’s 90+ million population.

As part of its ongoing services, RAF has advised and consulted with neurosurgery departments at the University Hospital of Addis Ababa University, the Myungsung Christian Medical Center and the Zewditu Memorial Hospital for Pediatric Neurosciences, among others.  RAF’s Hydrocephalus Campaign for Ethiopia at Zewditu Hospital provides vital hands-on training for Ethiopia’s growing number of neurosurgeons, which is expected to reach 25 neurosurgeons by 2020.

RAF also recruits leading American and European medical professionals to serve as visiting physicians/teachers at Ethiopian hospitals.
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PREVENTION - an integral part of the solution

The primary cause of neural tube birth defects is a lack of sufficient folic acid (a B vitamin) in the mother’s diet. Folic acid occurs naturally in leafy green vegetables, and is added to bread products in the Western world. In Ethiopia many people are food insecure and few expectant mothers receive sufficient folic acid in their diet.

RAF is working with Ethiopian public health officials and international charity organizations to educate women on the benefits of taking folic acid supplements as part of their daily routines. Unfortunately, with more than 30 million women of child-bearing age, it will take years before folic acid becomes a dietary staple.