RAF Partners

ReachAnother Foundation (RAF) has a rich history of collaboration with other organizations working to resolve the healthcare challenges in Ethiopia. Our strategic plan relies on continued and expanded collaboration with the Ethiopian government and NGO's in order to achieve greater impact and reduce redundancy in service to the people of Ethiopia.

Below are RAF’s major collaborators in Ethiopia.
Additionally, many organizations in the United States and the Netherlands, ranging from hospitals and equipment manufacturers to public and private donors and volunteers, make our important work possible.

ReachAnother Foundation is partnering with peer organizations to create a “multiplier effect” to extend our reach and create greater impact.

Here are just a few examples:

·        Drs. Abat, Mersha and Hagos are at the core of our partnership in Ethiopia. As the first graduates of the neurosurgery training program at Addis Ababa University, they helped establish the “Hydrocephalus Campaign” and educate subsequent graduates. We are honored to be their friends, colleagues, and supporters.

·        HOPE SBH is an Ethiopian organization dedicated to providing information, and assistance to parents also from outside Addis Ababa. HOPE SBH works with the Centers of Excellence to educate parents, and improve care for children with SBH. HOPE SBH is a vocal advocate for its constituents and in addition operates a daycare for severely handicapped children. RAF works closely with HOPE SBH  to improve patients access to information and care.

·        Child Help International is one of our most productive relationships. Its founder, Pierre Mertens, is the father of an SB child, and is a passionate advocate for providing shunts for hydrocephalus surgery, CIC and continence training for SB patients. While Ethiopia is the largest receiver of shunts, CHI works across the globe. RAF is working to streamline   importation of shunts and CIC supplies to Ethiopia and make these processes more accountable.   

·        IF Global, the International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, was founded by those affected by the disease and their families in 1979. It has grown from a voluntary association into a professional organization with global coverage, democratic structure and transparent and accountable processes. RAF works with IF on a number of issues, including folic acid supplementation, and birth defect registries.

·        CURE Hydrocephalus also is a worldwide organization. Best known for its fellowship training in pediatric neurosurgery in Mbale, Uganda, and the birthplace of the endoscopic treatment for hydrocephalus, the facility is the benchmark institution for hydrocephalus surgery, and introduced endoscopic surgery to Ethiopia. CURE HC provided the first case managers for the Hydrocephalus Campaign program and provided a fellowship to Dr. Hagos, the director of the campaign, to train in endoscopic procedures for Hydrocephalus, also providing the equipment.

·        Rotary International – In cooperation with the Rotary clubs of Bend and Addis Ababa, we have successfully applied for several two grants from Rotary International. Five years in the making, the grants provided the first public health campaign to address the nutritional deficit responsible for 50-70% of neural tube birth defects. The project included training thousands of  Health Extension workers, midwives and physical therapists about NTD awareness, prevention, diagnosis and treatment. It also included TV and radio public service announcements, posters, flyers and other teaching materials.

·        Light for the World – Dr. Anneloes Overvelde is a Dutch pediatric physical therapist and researcher at Radboud University in Nijmegen (NL). Since 2012 she also is lecturer at Gondar University, in Ethiopia, where she coordinates the Masters Degree “Train the Trainer” program in pediatric rehabilitation. As part of a program, sponsored by Light for the World and RAF, she travels twice a year to Gondar [one of our Centers of Excellence partners] where she trains Ethiopian physical therapy graduate students in pediatric rehabilitation. Each year 3 groups of 8 Masters Degree students train undergraduate physical therapists in pediatric disabilities, including NTD  diagnosis, referral and prevention. Each course also trains 50 Health Extension workers and 50 community-based rehabilitation workers. The impact is significant: each HEW cares for 500 families, with each course benefitting 25,000 families.

·        The Dutch Childrens Neurosurgical Network (KNNN) is a new partner, as are a group of neurosurgeons at Great Ormond Hospital in London in the UK and the OHSU Dornbecker Hospital in Oregon, USA. These institutions are much appreciated providers of counsel, expertise and equipment.