ReachAnother Foundation (RAF) has a rich history of collaboration with other organizations working to resolve the healthcare challenges in Ethiopia. Our strategic plan relies on continued and expanded collaboration with the Ethiopian government and NGO's in order to achieve greater impact and reduce redundancy in service to the people of Ethiopia. Below are RAF’s major collaborators in Ethiopia. Additionally, many organizations in the United States and the Netherlands, ranging from hospitals and equipment manufacturers to public and private donors volunteers, make our work in Ethiopia possible.


Ethiopian Neurosurgeons

RAF’s primary partners are the neurosurgeons at Addis Ababa University. Its neurosurgeon training program was initiated in 2006 in cooperation with Haukeland University of Bergen, Norway, and funded by the Norwegian government. By early 2012 three neurosurgeons, Drs. Hagos, Mersha and Abat, had completed their training, and by 2014 an additional three surgeons were certified. RAF worked with Drs. Hagos and Mersha to establish its hydrocephalus campaign in 2011.


Haukeland University

The driving force behind the development of the neurosurgery training program in Addis Ababa was Prof. Dr. Knute Wester, head of the Neurosurgery Department at Haukeland University in Bergen, Norway. Prof. Dr. Morten Lund-Johansen is currently the head of the department, which plays a substantial role in teaching and certification of the neurosurgeons.


Ministry of Health of Ethiopia

Dr. Tedla W. Giorgis, Mental Health Advisor to the Ministry of Health, has been consistently supportive of the RAF’s efforts and provides valuable advice and direction. Distribution of folic acid on a national level is coordinated by the Ministry of Health in cooperation with the World Bank, and has reached millions of women since 2011.


Addis Ababa Health Bureau

RAF is pleased to have the full support of Sister Genet, Deputy Director of the Addis Ababa Health Bureau, the governmental agency responsible for health administration. RAF partners with the Health Bureau to expand cooperation among public health aspects of our programs, as well as to develop critical bed capacity in the hospitals.

surgical societe.png

Surgical Society of Ethiopia (SSEth)

The Surgical Society of Ethiopia provides a national forum for neurosurgeons to discuss their research and develop a national audience. The SSEth, as the financial intermediary for RAF’s Hydrocephalus Campaign for Ethiopia, is vital to maintain operational, administrative and fiduciary transparency.


Zewditu Hospital for Pediatric Neurosciences

As the major training and care hospital for pediatric neurosurgery, Zewditu Hospital serves as the primary facility for corrective surgery on hydrocephalic babies through RAF’s Hydrocephalus Campaign for Ethiopia.


Black Lion Hospital

The major teaching hospital of Addis Ababa University, Black Lion is one of the primary educational centers for adult neurosurgery. The neurosurgery training program was launched at Black Lion Hospital in 2006.


Myungsung Christian Medical Center (MCM)

MCM (aka the Korean Hospital) is one of the key resources for neurosurgery in Addis Ababa. As one of three neurosurgery training centers, MCM has an international faculty that has been highly influential in the development of neurosurgery in Ethiopia. MCM plays a major role in neurosurgery education and patient care, and hosts the Bethany Kids Foundation-sponsored pediatric surgeon, the only such specialist in Ethiopia at present.

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The International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (IFGlobal)

IFGlobal is the primary worldwide advocate for the full enjoyment of human rights of people with hydrocephalus and spina bifida. IFGlobal’s international network facilitates the exchange of knowledge and good practice while promoting the implementation of best practices in primary prevention. IFGlobal supports a better understanding of hydrocephalus and spina bifida and its global impact, and provides free shunts for indigent patients.

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CURE International Foundation

CURE International’s hydrocephalus program is a major force in Africa for treatment of hydrocephalus and spina bifida, with neurosurgical training centers in its hospitals in Kenya and Uganda. CURE has provided RAF with equipment and educational resources, a database, and a patient care coordinator for its Hydrocephalus Campaign for Ethiopia. CURE is also intimately involved in developing the resources for neurosurgery in Ethiopia based on the work of CURE surgeon Benjamin Warf, who developed the endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV) surgical procedure.


Smiling Hospital International Foundation (SHIF)

The first of The Smiling Hospital Foundation’s goals is to lift the spirits of sick children in hospitals in order to speed their recovery. Sick children are regularly entertained in their rooms or at a central location by volunteer musicians, magicians, doll-players and other performance artists.The second goal is the financing of medical equipment for the children’s hospitals, as well as improving the facility’s general environment, such as painting walls, installing gardens, etc. SHIF’s third goal is to support its volunteer artists through scholarships.

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Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines, known for its corporate citizenship, is partnering with ReachAnother Foundation to provide complimentary airfares to select members of RAF’s medical team and to Ethiopian patients who require transportation outside the country for medical reasons. Ethiopian Airlines, based at Bole Airport in Addis Ababa, is one of Africa’s most progressive airlines with flights to more than 80 international cities, and is the primary carrier for Europeans and Americans visiting Ethiopia.


In addition to the partners mentioned above, there are many cooperating organizations in the US and the Netherlands, ranging from hospitals to equipment manufacturers and of course especially RAF's donors and volunteers.