Hydrocephalus & Spina Bifida - converting hope into results

Hydrocephalus (aka “water on the brain”) and Spina Bifida are neural tube defects [NTDs] which damage the spinal cord, brain and vital functions of the newly born. These NTDs cause severe, life-long, medical conditions or death in up to 5% of Ethiopian babies with 30,000 to 190,000 infants affected every year. This situation is further compounded by a lack of skilled pediatric neurosurgeons, insufficient medical technology and the constraints of deep-rooted cultural perceptions. In the past, these babies did not survive.

Today, ReachAnother Foundation helps these children get life-saving surgery which, when performed early enough, will allow them to have full and productive lives.

ReachAnother 2016 Gala Film


The Gift of Live-Saving Surgery

In cooperation with neurosurgeons Drs. Hagos, Abat and Mersha, the first graduates from the Addis Ababa University’s neurosurgeon training program, RAF launched a Hydrocephalus Campaign for Ethiopia in 2011, an innovative initiative that makes operating room facilities available on weekends for surgery on these overlooked babies.

By the end of 2018, RAF had facilitated surgery for more than 4000 babies.



Today, Reach Another’s goal to reduce the incidence and burden of neural tube defects has expanded to also include aftercare, capacity-building and prevention awareness so that the children of Ethiopia and their families can live full and productive lives