Autism Schools

Kids are safe and loved.
Teachers encourage growth and inclusion.
Parents find a few hours respite which allows them to work and therefore break the cycle of poverty.

RAF-supported Autism Centers are miracle places

Since 2010 ReachAnother Foundation has provided start-up funding for three autism programs, trained teachers and promoted awareness of special education needs for indigent autistic children.   

The Nehemiah Autism Center (NAC) in Addis Ababa was created in 2010 as Ethiopia’s first school solely dedicated to teaching indigent autistic children. The NAC represents a significant step in providing educational services to Ethiopia’s estimated 400,000 autistic children. The center is successful and fully independent.

The Bethel Adama Center for Autism was started in 2015 in Adama, Oromyia. The center has 12 students and four teachers and is developing steadily. The short video below demonstrates how the school became fully operational within a few hours after arrival of the RAF team.

The Bright Autism Center was started in May 2016 in Hawassa, SNNP region of Ethiopia. The center will work closely with the University of Hawassa and be a resource center for teacher education  as well as community education. It is the only such center for the region’s 14.9 million people.



RAF-sponsored autism experts instituted a progressive hands-on instructional program that greatly enhances teacher skills and yields marked results in the students. No psychotropic medications are used, and all training consists of behavioral modification conducted in small groups by the teachers who interact directly with the children.